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"Thou shalt judge thy neighbour"

This is a transcript of a short reflection I gave recently at a peace and justice service in Liverpool Diocese. I was the invited speaker for the service, the theme of which was "Casting the first stone". John 8 was the reading... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The ecumenical peace and justice group. Wavertree URC Church. 29th of January 2013. Let me begin by saying thank you very much inviting me to speak to you this evening. It's a delight to be with you, and to know that such groups exist in our diocese is especially encouraging. It is a truth which every Christian must hold that only as we stand together as Christ's church across the denominations do we have any hope of seeing peace and justice come to our world as we move forward together in the light of Christ who is the Prince of peace and Lord of justice. By training, I am a theological ethicist. It means that I have been taught and