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Book Review

My short review of Keith Clements' SPCK Introduction to Bonhoeffer appears in the Evangelical Quarterly for April 2011. If you're into Bonhoeffer this is a good short introductory work, and well worth picking up - it only takes an afternoon to read. Established readers of Bonhoeffer could live without it, after all it is introductory, but would, should they choose to read it, nonetheless find a master Bonhoeffer scholar's introduction to the field engaging and informative. Go read it, or at least read my review of it...

"Ask the fish of the sea, and they will declare to you..."

I saw this great clip and thought it was worth particular favourite is the Trinitarian implications of such a clear and biblical theological metaphor (hmmmm...)

What Do You Call a Group of Theologians?

I think the answer should be "an argument", but perhaps that's unfair. I can test my theory this next week, which sees the start of the annual Society for the Study of Theology (UK) conference on the theme of Holy Writ? (The question mark is very suggestive). It looks really good, and the list of plenary speakers is great: Alex Samely (Manchester); Morwenna Ludlow (Exeter); Henk van den Belt (Amsterdam); Walter Moberly (Durham); Anthony Thiselton (Nottingham); Hugh Pyper (Sheffield). The conference lasts several days and is convening this year at York University. I hope to be able to blog a few thoughts from the conference and some info about the plenary sessions, but I shall be presenting a paper at one of the themed seminars on Wednesday afternoon on the interpretation of Barth's ethics of responsibility so may be a bit distracted until then. So watch this space for more info...